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Integrated Mobile Health & Behavioral Health Care

Maricopa, Mohave, Pima, Yavapai, Yuma




Workshops and Consultation

We provide workshops to the community, in schools, facilities, and to large groups on counseling, medical, behavioral health, & ethical practice.

Please see the links below for resources and information to an adolescent suicide workshop

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Trauma informed care individual & group treatment

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EMDR - Trauma treatment and SOOO much more! 

All licensed counselors are trained in EMDR and two of our licensed counselors are trained in Sand Tray Therapy with EMDR or stand alone.



Animal Assisted Therapy



A technique used with adults, teens, and children that helps to develop insight. It is a direct and indirect technique to reveal a person’s life story or reprocessing target. We utilize a trauma perspective when using sand tray therapy as an intervention for trauma work. EMDR is sometimes integrated with the interventions of Sand Tray Therapy. Please check out below links for more information on Sand Tray Therapy.

Good Therapy

Psychology Today

Sandplay Therapists of America

Center for Sandtray Play Therapy



primary &

Psychiatric care

We will come to you or you can come to us for primary care services &

Psychiatric care services


Adult Counseling Services

Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR), Sand Tray Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Acceptance Commitment Theory, Solution Focused Theory are the primary modalities used to treat clients seeking help for depression, psychosis, substance dependence/abuse, mandated court ordered treatment, domestic violence, and co-occurring issues. Individual Counseling will depend on the client and the client’s needs. Each person will complete at intake an individualized treatment plan that will state the estimated length of treatment. We also take into account the facility’s need regarding state and legal standards of their licensing as we build the treatment plan. In addition, we will provide group counseling, case management services, attend court hearings with clients, facilitate monthly case staffings with client’s team, and provide crisis on call services as needed. Further, we provide and complete urinalysis and breathalyzing onsite to ensure abstinence.

Adolescent Counseling Services 

Our adolescent services includes our team going into your facility, group home, or home setting to provide group, individual, case management, and coordination of care services on a weekly, or even daily basis. Once fully contracted to provide the care in the home or facility setting there will be available a team of professionals in the home to provide the care. We integrate directly with what you are doing already in the homes. Rather than attempting to change the way you do your work with residents we come along side you to provide an added support to the residents and to your staff for treatment purposes. We will coordinate with Department of Child Safety (DCS), attend Child Family Team meetings, attend court hearings, and be present at school meetings. We also offer family counseling and reunification services help coordinating directly with case management from DCS to help with a smooth transition for back to home placement.

Group Counseling Services

Group Counseling is a therapeutic approach that is grounded in research, showing that group counseling is one of the most successful approaches to treating substance abuse, depression, and behavior issues in youth. We offer in home and in facility group counseling services for your residents which align with each resident’s treatment plan and goals. We do not cookie-cut our approaches but instead build our approach to fit the individual and group we are treating. Some examples of groups we facilitate include: a Trauma Informed for PTSD, Substance Dependence Focused, Attachment and Relationships Series, Men’s Domestic Violence, Women’s Domestic Violence, Co-Dependency, Mental Health Focused, Anger Management, Women’s Community Group, Men’s Wellbriety, Teen Coping Skills, Teen Depression, Teen Substance Abuse, and Parenting Skills. In addition, we will facilitate 12 Step focused groups or take residents to meetings in the community for 12-Step.



in home/facility treatment offered - what it looks like

We establish a contract with the facility to provide services throughout the week to your residents. We will place at least one counselor in house each day of the week for various times and needs. We will provide ongoing treatment needs including group and individual needs, treatment coordination, coordination with the courts and legal systems (we are not lawyers) for residents, consistent updating of treatment needs to meet state and legal standards of the medical and behavioral health fields. A schedule will be made that aligns with the needs of the particular program and will be fulfilled each week/day. We come alongside you and integrate with you in your own practice setting. We understand not all facilities and group homes work alike so we make sure to fulfill your needs and create our target goals based on your needs, not ours.


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We are here to help! We are a team of professionals: counselors, psychiatrists, primary care and psychological services serving Maricopa county at this time with expansion efforts in current undertaking into Pima, Yavapai, and Mohave counties. We are mobile. This means we come to you and have the option of telehealth services as well.



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